About Margie

My home, in particular my kitchen, is an ever-changing environment that occasionally I may think to cook in! I use it like a studio, collecting and curating my unusual finds, into which I intersperse my own artwork. Every pot, pan, tool or utensil provides constant inspiration for my work.  Everything I produce is hall-marked with my eccentric personality as I inject a ‘life’ into my subject matter, be it a dancing fork or animated corkscrews.

I have worked with different materials including metal, wood, fabric and paper. Techniques have included engraving with laser and Dremel, printing, embossing, drawing and stitch and I have a non-conformist, experimental approach to my work.

To find out how I have spent my time since completing my degree in Textiles and Surface design take a peek at my blog.

Please note that although this website does not offer the facility to buy my products at present I will respond to any enquiries via e mail. I would also love to hear your comments. Thank you Margie

Contact me on 07976 787127 (Text better for me as I am hearing- impaired)



Please note all my images are original and therefore have copyright protection.