Bringing you up to date!

Hi there! I thought I would bring you up to date by telling you a little bit about me and the way I work. Although I share a studio with some friends and fellow artists in Ashley Green, the majority of my work is done in my kitchen, often on impulse, as the creative idea comes to me!

I designed my kitchen (featured in Berkhamsted Living Magazine) which included details such as handles, lights, central island and taps.

I also designed a large rug, pictured here depicting salad servers which was made up by ‘Node’, using rug maker ‘Kumbeshwar’ (a founder Fair GB Trade Nepal).

I enjoyed designing linens for use in my kitchen. A lot of what I make are one-off unique pieces that I cannot replicate such as this piece below that is hand-coloured using oil pastels.

And this plain lampshade that I painted with acrylic paint!

For the last five years I have been combining my nursing experience with my training in Textile design by working as a Health Care Assistant at our local hospice. By also working voluntarily on the Outpatient side under the instruction of the Art therapist I have been able to use my creative skills to good effect.

I held a successful solo exhibition,’Kitsch-en’, at the Upstairs Gallery in Berkhamsted pictured below.

…and a collaborative exhibition, called ‘Al Dente’, with artists Maud Eager and Denise Purdy.

Some of the profits from both these exhibitions were donated to The Hospice of St Francis, as was the case when we held sales in my kitchen, pictured below.


Another way I have raised money for charity is to join forces with local cafe Epicure in Berkhamsted. Besides sometimes selling my art in this cafe, I also held an evening event of food, drink and merriment for friends and colleagues to sell my linens. The proceeds were to fund a trek in China which I did to raise money for the Hospice of St Francis.